Economics Assignment Solution Tips


Tips to study Economics virtually

Economics is a complex subject, its not just concept based but also mathematical and application-based.

Due to the pandemic, everything has become virtual and online. Schools and college classrooms have become just a new tab on our computers now. So when it comes to studying economics at home, it becomes a little difficult since its not just about concept, it involves numerical, graphs and whatnot.

So, here are some tricks to help to understand economics better in the comfort of your home.

  1. Try to understand the concept on your own before it has been taught at school.

When you do this practice, you are well prepared for your class and you will be able to answer questions in the class, which boosts your confidence.

  • Youtube videos and PPTs.

We live in the internet generation, where everything is available in one-click.

Many such youtube videos are there which will help you understand the topics better.

  • Connect Economics to real life.

Read about your country’s economy and try to apply your concepts here. This might not seem useful but it really sharpens your skills and will surely help you in being more aware of your subject.

  • Helping with your assignments.

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Tips to Make Assignment Presentable

Tips To make Your assignment presentable and interesting

It may happen that You have written all the answers correctly; still, you are not getting satisfactory results in your assignment. One of the reasons behind it is your presentation. It an essential part of your assignment. Without proper formatting, your assignment paper may look dull, and you could lose the chance of getting valuable marks.

If you are not sure how to format your assignment, then learn it with our assignment help.

  1. Use appropriate fonts and colours.

Times New Roman is an ideal font with a font size of 12 or 14. Use black text on a white background. Make the headings and subheadings bold and the font size a bit larger.

2. Add pictures or figures.

This makes your assignment look attractive and has a good impact on the teacher at first glance.

3. Give a catchy title and a strong introduction.

Your title should attract the reader or the examiner. It should also include assignment number, coarse name, full name, roll number, and the submission date of your assignment. It is also essential to write a good introduction as it is the only chance to hook your teacher and grab their attention.

4. Right spacing, proper indentation, and the margin are very important.

Give space after every full-stop and comma; the ideal line spacing should be 1.5. You should leave a blank line between every paragraph and avoid extra space. Try to maintain a uniform indentation in your assignment.

5. Give headings and sub-headings

Headings are something that plays a crucial role in hinting what a particular paragraph is about. Thus, to impress the reader at first glance, you should make sure to write short and appealing headings in your assignment. Moreover, you should write subheadings if there is a need to define something in the paragraph.

6. Make points if necessary.

Making points segregates your overall concept and makes it easier for the reader.

7. Give relevant quotes and examples.

Using exciting and relevant examples makes the assignment more attractive and helps backing up the arguments presented in the paper. This will help make the writing more authentic and show that you have understood the topic and have done thorough research on it.

8. Conclusion

The assignment should always have a proper conclusion so that the reader or the teacher can understand the findings, how it answers the thesis statement, and how it connects to the entire paper. The article’s conclusion will help to know what you have found from the assignment and what you suggest or are trying to portray.

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Data Science Assignment Tips

How to successfully write Data Science Assignment?

Where will I come across Data Science assignments?
As a college student, if you are pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Economics, MBA, Statistics, or any related field, you will be coming across the subject of Data Science. In simple terms, Data Science involves using various computational software to draw insights from a dataset. Understanding the data for making decisions is one of the prime characteristics expected from a Data Scientist.

Personal and Professional Skill Sets
As a student aspiring to write and solve a Data Science assignment successfully, one must develop some personal and professional skill sets. It would help if you had a curious mindset, ask yourself whether you are excited to know what this dataset speaks of. You should have the ability to question; this will immediately give you a context to analyze and framing your report. Your curious mind is essential for a good data science assignment. You have to pay heed to minute details, have clarity of understanding. Along with the knowledge in statistics, what is also required is your ability to communicate your results.

Getting Started with the Assignment
When you get an assignment in Data Science, the first thing that you should do is read the questions thoroughly. Some assignments might ask you to be creative; some may ask you to be very specific. Understanding what has been asked for is of utmost importance. This overview would set your path to solving the assignment. Right after this, you, as a student, should immediately recollect the concepts and methodologies that you might need to solve the questions. Drill down to specific concepts, and then finally decide the tool or software that you would like to use.

Before starting to solve the assignment, begin by exploring the dataset that has been given. We prefer using R. There are many packages in R that help you get an exploratory overview of the dataset delivered. Check for invalid data, missing data, and any outliers or errors present in the dataset. Correcting them before the assignment is very important. Understand the type of variables that have been used whether the data is a categorical, nominal, ratio scale, interval scale, ordinal. Understanding the kind of variables will help you in analysis and also visualization. You might want to try creating some basic visualizations as well before getting into the analysis.

Analyzing the dataset
Stick to the basic concepts and start solving the questions. One major question that arises in students’ minds is the clarity of which is the dependent variable and an independent variable. This typically becomes important while running regressions. Be through with standard statistical tests and how they are to be performed using the software. Pay extra attention to units of measurement of variables. Ordinal variables and coded variables typically become a bit complex during interpretation. Make sure to take care of this.
Communicating the results
Communicating your findings is of great importance. This means you have to pay heed to the interpretation of your data analysis results. Keep it short and to the point. Try connecting the interpretation with a write-up on how it is linked to the variables into consideration. This is where you might need some help initially from experts. The report writing contributes significantly to your marks. With experience comes the ability to join the dots between statistical results and real variable based analysis based on that. Make sure the report is well-formatted.

Challenges we may help you with
Students, at times, are unable to relate the theory and concepts with the dataset questions given. When exactly to go for a logit model, or which variables are to be used when you want to run a Chi-Square test in a dataset, is what experts can help you with. As you solve more questions, you will gain confidence. Report writing is another aspect where initially you might take help from experts. Once you get to rectify the errors you are making or see the examples of useful reports, you will eventually get the hang of what is expected of a data science assignment.

Your Future
Whether you solve it on your own or take help, Data Science assignments given at the college level is of great importance for a successful career ahead. So make sure to get it solved even if you alone cannot do it. It will be a game-changer directly or indirectly to your bright future.
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How to improve your grades in college

Effective methods to improve your memory
“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things and is the most powerful weapon.”

So, is it possible to improve your memory? If you’ve ever found yourself forgetting where you left your mobile or blanking out information on necessary tests, you probably wish that your mind was a bit better. Genetics plays a role in memory loss. However, research has shown that diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on memory too.
Here are nine scientifically proved and evidence-based tips to increase your memory naturally

  1. Make time for Meditation.
    Meditation calms down our body and mind and helps us to think precisely. Research suggests meditation may increase grey matter in the brain and improve spatial working memory. If You can’t meditate, then close your eyes and start back-counting from 1000-1.
  2. Focus Your attention
    Pay attention while studying, and try to avoid distractions. At first, its a bit tough, but through practice, you will be able to acquire it.
  3. Visualize Concepts
    An experiment shows that if we visually perceive anything, then it remains in our brain for long. So, try to make mnemonics and figures while studying or working.
  4. Take breaks in between and get adequate sleep.
    The brain is similar to a machine. So, please give it some rest to increase its efficiency. Research has shown that taking a nap after learning something new can help you learn faster and remember better.
  5. Rehearse and relate new information to things that You already know
    Revision plays a vital role in recalling stuff readily. By establishing relationships between new ideas and previously existing memories, you can dramatically increase the likelihood of remembering the recently learned information.
  6. Eat a balanced diet
    Your diet plays an essential role in improving your memory. Eat less added sugar, avoid spicy and oily food. Eat green veggies, fruits, and milk as much as possible. Research has shown that almonds nourish the white matter in our brain, and Vitamin D is also an essential nutrient that plays many vital roles in the body.
    Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to a host of health issues, including a reduction in cognitive function. Consuming a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods may help improve your memory.
    1. Exercise
      Exercise brings incredible benefits for your whole body, including your brain. Even moderate exercise for short periods has been shown to improve cognitive performance, including memory, across all age groups. Obesity is a risk factor for cognitive decline. Maintaining a body mass index within the normal range may help you avoid a host of obesity issues, including an imperfect memory.
    2. Train Your brain
      Exercising your cognitive skills by playing brain games like chess, crosswords, Soduku, etc. is a fun and effective way to boost your memory. Games that challenge your brain may strengthen your mind and may even reduce the risk of dementia.
      1. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
        Alcohol and tobacco have neurotoxic effects on the brain, including reducing memory performance. Occasional moderate drinking isn’t an issue, but binge drinking can damage your hippocampus, a key area of your brain associated with memory.

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What Assignment help play critical role.

           What is the importance of an assignment?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about the assignment is that it is a complete waste of time. Writing assignment is something, which is almost disliked by every individual reading this blog. However, this concept is entirely wrong. Teachers deliver the necessary knowledge and information to students, which helps them understand the topics related to various subjects. As a teacher, it is not acceptable behavior to present everything to their students and pamper them. This effectively harms the learning competencies of students, and thus education becomes meaningless to them. Therefore, with the help of assignments and homework, students are expected to learn at home. Many of us might still question why we are given assignments, and what is the primary purpose behind it?

Well, let me tell you some positive aspects of an assignment.
• It helps You to invest your time wisely.
• It allows You to explore more topics in-depth, which standard classroom time doesn’t permit.
• It helps to maintain continuity in your studies and provides an excellent medium to revise your subjects before the exam.
• Teaches you to work independently and to take responsibility for your work.
• It helps you deal with deadlines in a real-life scenario and teaches You to use your time effectively by building a proper schedule.
• It lets you learn how to use tools such as E-books, research materials, and computer software to find knowledge and implement it smartly.
• Teaches You to implement your knowledge outside the book
• It gives You a feel for your real exam and trains you to do better in the
• The primary purpose of assignments is to increase the learning capabilities of students. The more we use our brains, the more they develop. This is a proven scientific fact, and this is the principle behind giving extremely creative and involving assignments to the students. Students learn a lot more when they read or practice something by themselves.

If you still think that assignment is a total waste of time, then its time to change your thoughts if you want to succeed in your future. An assignment is a needful and an essential part of our education, and it’s better to adapt it instead of opposing it. It may be challenging to adjust the skills initially, so Edumanta brings you top-tutors and mentors who will guide You to solve your assignment. We provide a 24×7 service. We also have the facilities of online tutoring where you can ask your doubts regarding your assignment.
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How to Write Good Assignment

12 Tips for writing a well scoring assignment?

“The deadline of this Assignment is tomorrow.”

This statement often haunts us with several questions.

  • How to complete it within time?
  • What to write, and how shall I proceed?
  • How to get good marks? etc

So don’t PANIC. We will provide you some excellent tips to score well in your assignment. Read this carefully until the last line if you want to make a beautiful impression towards your teacher and improve your grades.

Before Starting

    “You start, and you move one step towards success.”

 1. Read the question carefully

        It often happens that the question is a bit tricky to confuse the students, so do some reading from other resources similar to your assignment to gain valuable insights into the topic

2. Check the deadline and plan your schedule

Stick posts in your calendar or use any app that can add a “countdown” to your phone.

      Try to break this entire time into manageable chunks and try scheduling smaller deadlines; this helps you to nullify any extra delay in the meantime

3.Plan the overall structure or backbone

      Make a prototype of your assignment which will include the key points

4. Ask for help if You need

     Don’t shy to ask your tutor for any doubts. It’s better to clarify it at the start than to re-write in the last few days

While Writing


   Your first paragraph should introduce your key argument and critical aspects of the question. This is an integral part of your assignment-“First impression is the last impression.”

6. Frame Your argument

 while writing the body provide statistical evidence or empirical results to support your case.

7. Make sure to use a formal tone and correct words

   Every university, school, college has its style guide. It would be best if you always used a neutral and professional tone while writing an assignment. Slangs and colloquial language should be avoided

8. Don’t beat around the bush

   It’s a common tendency of students to fill the gap with rubbish. That should not be the case.”To the point,” answers are always better than an irrelevant voluminous answer. If You want you can add figures or mathematical plots relevant to your answer


     Your conclusion has to take a definite stand and summarize all your argument leaving the last impression to your reader

After Finishing

10. Make sure you have answered all of the questions

   Sometimes it happens that the students overlook and miss certain sub-questions or any extension of a particular question. Read each paragraph, assess whether it answers the question, and check whether it contributes to your overall argument

11. Check and double-check your spelling and word counts if mentioned

  Spelling mistakes give a terrible impression, and sometimes it may eclipse your central concept. So you can turn on your spell-checker and your word count too to keep a track

12. Give references to get rid of plagiarism

   References should be along the guideline provided by your institute and avoid blindly “copy-pasting” the stuff.

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“Investment in Education pays the best Interest.”

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Online Essay Writing Help

        Guide on how to write good essays

In the 21st Century, the students’ workload is increasing, and study hours are on the increase to cover the syllabus. Students are pressurized to mug-up stuff, and they are losing their creativity to “think out of the box.” So, essay writing has become a daunting affair for most of us, but essay writing is not only comfortable but also a beautiful part of our education. Since “Nothing listens as well as a blank page.”

So don’t WORRY. We will provide you some excellent tips to write a good essay. Read this carefully until the last line to be a good writer.

Before You Begin

1.pick a topic and do some research

   Read some article or books relevant to your subject to have a better grasp and highlight the keywords in the question so that you won’t deviate from it

2. Write an outline

    The outline should be like mentioned below and make separate paragraphs for each.

  • Introduction and thesis statement
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

Expert tips!

  “The best way to sketch the outline is to throw ‘wh’ questions to the topic.”

After starting

3.Create a thesis statement

  It would be best if you told the reader about the purpose of your essay. It must state the topic and the main argument, and it should act as the “steering” of your essay


  Make the introduction fascinating by using relevant quotes or dialogues. It should be exciting to capture the attention of the reader. Don’t make it too long and dull since “The first impression is the last impression.”


 This is the central part of your essay that you are supposed to explain, describe, or argue. Here You should write the main ideas, each in separate paragraphs.

 Expert tips!

  • Don’t beat around the bush
  • Don’t deviate from the topic
  • Don’t sway to and fro in case of an argumentative topic.
  • Don’t use fancy words if you are not confident.
  • Use quotes, statistical details, and evidence to look more matured
  • Cite every reference along with the quotes


  This is an essential part and gives you a chance to sum up, your ideas. Your conclusion has to take a definite stand and summarize all your arguments, leaving the last impression to your reader. Don’t add any extra details or introduce any new ideas. Keep it short in 4-5 lines.

After You Finish

     Before You submit your final essay, make sure the format is correct. Read each paragraph, assess whether it answers the question, and check whether it contributes to your overall argument.Check and double-check your spelling and word counts(if mentioned). Spelling mistakes give a terrible impression, and sometimes it may eclipse your central concept. So you can turn on your spell-checker and your word count too to keep a track.

So it’s challenging to nurture these skills and to apply it on your own. EduManta provides online essay help. Before starting your journey of writing a good essay, we ensure that the appropriate writer is ready for essay writing. We offer a 24×7 service and guarantees the composition to be 100% plagiarism-free. If you need it, we can also assist you with a part of your essay. 

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