Quick tips to solve Computer Science Assignment

Some quick tips to solve Computer Science Assignment

The word assignment often haunts us with several questions like-

How to improve my assignment? What to write? How to approach? etc.

Don’t need to worry anymore, we will provide you with some awesome and feasible tips to solve your Computer Science Assignment in very less time and will also help you to score good marks.

  1. Read the question carefully and gather information.

It is an essential part since Computer Science questions, especially from the Theory of Computation and Data structures, are often very tricky and tend to confuse the student. Reading some other theoretical concepts related to your assignment makes your base durable and helps to solve quickly. SourceScience Direct, libgen, and sci-hub are some excellent platforms. 

2. Check the deadline

Stick posts in your calendar or use any app that can add a “countdown” to your phone. Plan your schedule, and don’t wait for the last moment. Since you are a C.S

Students, so you should utilize technology in every instance. 

3. Ask For help if you need

Don’t shy to ask your tutor for any doubts or consult any discussion forum. Source- “Stack Overflow” and “Geeks for Geeks”

4. Deal the questions smartly.

You don’t need to solve the questions in the given sequence. First, try to solve the easier ones, and in the end, you will gain the confidence to solve the tougher ones.

Subjects like digital logic and DBMS often takes less time and can be solved faster.

5. Divide the assignment into manageable chunks

If it’s a huge assignment, then don’t try to solve the whole assignment at once. First, read all the questions at a glance and then read-only those topics that will answer your questions. You can also study a small part and then solve only those questions related to that part and repeat this approach until you answer all the questions. These tactics will help to remember the concepts and channelize them most appropriately.

6. Don’t mug up  

C.S stands from common sense.”

If you understand and read then, it is the easiest subject, but if you try to memorize without understanding, then it will be a nightmare. You can see some video tutorial on Youtube or some other sites to clear out your concepts.

Source-Edumanta, Neso Academy

7. Don’t beat around the bush

Computer Science teachers always expect to the point answers. If you don’t know something, then it’s useless to make voluminous answers with unnecessary stuff. This will not only help you to get good marks but also help you to solve quicker

8. Coding tips

In case of coding first, “dry-run” your code on a rough sheet and then try to execute it in your P.C. You can see some solved examples related to your assignment or can practice in different coding platforms.

Source- Codechef, Hackerrank, etc.

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Useful tips for a student to manage stress

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), every hour, one student commits suicide in India, with about 28 suicides reported every day. One of the common reasons behind it is stress and anxiety. Stress can take a significant toll on health, happiness, and grades. Some ideas for stress are getting low marks, homework, relationship, failure, etc. If You are reading this article, then read until the end to overcome your present mental condition because we will tell you some practical ways to overcome depression and manage stress.

  1. Get adequate sleep                                      

Don’t neglect your sleep schedule. Aim to get at least 8 hours a night and take power naps when you need them. Our brain is just like a machine, so it needs rest to work efficiently.

2. Exercise Regularly

Doing Yoga or any freehand exercise maintains the metabolism rate and helps to reduce stress.

3. Meditate and practice visualization 

Meditation calms down our body and mind. It will help you to focus on your work. Visualization detaches from what’s stressing you and turn off your body’s stress response.

4. Think positively

Don’t let negative thoughts litter your mind. You can avoid negative thoughts by watching motivational movies or reading inspirational stories. You can also listen to music for relaxation.

5. Get organized 

Clutter can cause stress, decrease productivity, and even cost you money. Many students live in a cluttered place, and this can have adverse effects on grades. This can help lower stress levels, save time in finding lost items, and keep roommate relationships more positive.

6. Never procrastinate and follow a proper schedule.

Procrastination is a common practice for students. You may not feel it in the beginning, but in the end, when many works are stacked up, it results in stress. Try to complete your day to day work by making a proper schedule to invest your time smartly.

7. Eat a healthy diet. 

Your diet can either boost your brainpower or sap you of mental energy. A healthy diet can function as both a stress management technique and a study aid. Improving your diet can keep you from experiencing diet-related mood swings and light-headedness.

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